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Walking the Cally

“Walking the Cally” is a photographic survey of Caledonian Road.  It explores the road’s history, its diverse communities and resilience against capitalism, regeneration and gentrification. 


Moving back to the UK after living in Africa for 6 years, I noticed how much British society was controlled by rules, regulations and the state.  Commuting on the Underground felt like M.C. Escher’s Möbius Strip II.  


To escape this controlled environment I went above ground and started to use Psychogeography, choosing my own dérives.  It was through this emotional walking I discovered Caledonian Road.  This road is being squeezed by the regeneration of King’s Cross, the gentrification of Islington and the capitalist power of large businesses. 


This road symbolizes my feelings about a community that is proud of its individuality and that is fighting against conforming to large corporation capitalist power.

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